Shiatsu at BCBF 

Massages (variety): www.labulledeflo.wordpress.com


Guesttable (Table d'hôtes) from 4 persons in Bonfol: www.saveurs-saison.ch

Restaurant in Bonfol: "Le Grütli" (well known for fried carp meat on hot slate)

Restaurants nearby: "La Couronne" in Beurnevésin, "À l'ange" in Mooslargue (F), several in Alle and Porrentruy.


Pétanque: Garden of BCBF

by foot: 3 walks of different length (1 1/2, 4 et 9 km) around the ponds, several hikes around Bonfol and Finnenbahn (natural running track) with gym elements in a forest in Bonfol

Bike: a few bike routes and mountainbike trails in Bonfol (Nr. 720, 400m heightdifference), in Bonfal and surrounding villages and France. We've got a few bikes to lend.

Pedal Scooter: Hire and info on routes    http://www.juratourisme.ch/en/leisure-activities/fun-co/by-scooter-in-the-canton-of-jura.1336.html

Horseriding: Paths over fields and through forests around Bonfol (total of 70km). Riding lessons or hikes 25.- pro Lektion/Stunde (incl. helmet and mini-chaps), More info at BCBF

Fishing: in Bonfol, with a permit from the news agents (daily or yearly) permitted around the 1st half of the 1st pond

Swimming: Indoor and outdoor pools, Porrentruy: http://porrentruy.ch/culture-loisirs/piscines/

Iceskating/Icehockey: Icerink Voyeboeuf, Porrentruy   Gameplan of HC Ajoie www.hc-ajoie.ch

Jura Lasergame, Bassecourt:  www.juralasergame.ch

Ropepark, Kneipp barefoot path, offroad pedal scooter, near Delémont:   www.aventurejuraparc.ch


Potery museum, Bonfol (14h - 17h, on 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month, april to october, or on appointment)   www.jurapoterie.ch

POPA (Porrentruy OPtical Art) museum   www.popa.ch

le PIRE (museum of Plonk & Replonk)   www.le-pire.ch

Old town and Castle of Porrentruy   porrentruy.ch/tourisme-economie/monuments/curiosites   porrentruy.ch/tourisme-economie/le-chateau

Circuit secret    http://www.juratourisme.ch/en/discoveries/unique-attractions/circuit-secret-porrentruy.7340.html

Escape game, Porrentruy: www.ajoie-escape.ch

La Balade de Séprais, Boécourt: Outdoor sculpture walk:   www.balade-seprais.ch

Caves and prehistoric park (Dinosaurierspuren), Réclère   www.prehisto.ch

Km 0 (close to Bonfol): Hike of 7km, with visit of a 1st world war Swiss observation point and german and french battle stations

Bisonpark und historic tower, Boncourt    www.jura-bison.com   www.boncourt.ch/CMS/default.asp?ID=218

Museum of old traditions, Grandfontaine: Historic agricultural vehicles and tools (Su 10h-12h und 14h-18h, groups daily on appointment: 032 476 63 14)  www.vieilles-traditions.ch

Museum of ancient professions, Fahy: 18 professions, 3000 objects and tools. On appointment: 032 476 62 48

Ajoie in general: www.porrentruy.ch/tourisme-economie/a-voir-dans-la-region/

Ferrette: a neat french village, with a castle ruin, Affineur of cheese and other specialities, 16km from Bonfol   www.ferrette.fr

Playpark for children, Bassecourt:  www.didocentre.ch

Jura Lasergame, Bassecourt:  www.juralasergame.ch

Ropepark, Kneipp barefoot path, offroad pedal scooter, near Delémont:   www.aventurejuraparc.ch

Local Food Specialities:

Vending machine, railway station Bonfol

Les Vergers d'Ajoie, Porrentruy (Richtung Coeuve)    www.lesvergersdajoie.ch

Clos des cantons, Alle     www.closdescantons.ch